We are looking forward to a favourable season.


Negotiations are now over with our farmers, the contracted volume for the season is between 80.000 and 90.000 tons of raw tomato.
We are looking forward to a favourable season.

The tomato season will start soon!


The tomato season at Univer starts on 17th of August, 2023.

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The first phytophthora symptoms appeared


The first phytophthora symptoms appeared since mid-June, and since then it has caused problems in several places.

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Tomato planting with the seedlings has been started.


Planting from seeds are nearly finished.

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Tomato season ended for this year


Quality is excellent and tomato yield is above expectations as well. The season ended but the negotiations with our farmers is the next step for an even better and bigger new season in 2022.

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The end of the tomato harvesting season is now in sight


The end of the tomato harvesting season is now in sight, with only 2 weeks left from this years season. The quality is very good, and the weather is more than favourable for the harvesting. It seems the plans and the goals will be fulfilled totally.

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We are right in the middle of the harvesting.


Everything is going as intended weather is optimal during the day, the nights are a bit cold, but it doesn't hinder our progress.

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The tomato processing season has started at our factory.


The conditions are good, the quality of the tomato and the quantities are very promising.

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Tomato season is about to start in days


We will update ours news as it really kicks off. Here is just a quick update about the tomato growing and ripening.

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Status report of negotiations


Negotiations are progressing well, final quantities will be formed soon.

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After finishing the 2020 season we have started the negotiation with our farmers regarding the 2021 season.


We are very determined to contract bigger volumes in raw tomato than last year.

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Planting of the tomato seedlings has started


In the last few days at Univer's farm and at all of our cooperating growers lands, the planting of the tomato seedlings have started.

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The tomato season has started!


Tomato season has started at Univer Product Plc. The start is a bit later than in the last few years. First trucks are rolling in, to the yard of the factory, the lines are starting and soon the first aseptic bags will be filled with top quality Hungarian tomato concentrate.

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Visit us at Anuga - Cologne - 07.–11.10.2023.
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